Saturday, August 18, 2012

On the Table

     From early spring 1996 until the summer of 1999, I wrote a food column called "On the Table" for The Daily News where I work.
     When the company sold in 1999, my job duties changed and the column was dropped. Over the years, I've written a few food features and thoroughly enjoyed them. Links to one on Juicing and one on Essential Oils are in other posts on my blog.
     Anyway, awhile back, the newspaper's This Day editor asked me if I'd like to write the column again. What? Of course! My first new column ran Aug. 1. They will appear on and in The Daily News every other week. :-) Am I excited? You bet!
     The first one was on sandwiches and the second was on tomatoes.
     Here are links to them:

     And since then, I've written several more. Simply visit and in the upper right-hand corner, search for Nancy Edwards and they should pop up.
     The features I am most proud of are the ones on essential oils and the 2011 Halloween package.
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